Trash Panda Putter Plastic Inner Core
Trash Panda Putter Plastic Inner Core
Trash Panda

Trash Panda Putter Plastic Inner Core

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Trash Panda Putter Plastic Inner Core 


At Trash Panda the goal was to make a premium putter for everyone that flew dead straight, they didn't use a single additive, and remained 100% recycled and recyclable. And Trash Panda accomplished just that!

Like we said a few weeks back, we have been working on getting a recycled putter plastic out into the world and we think we've cracked the code 👀

The Result? A combination of 100% recycled plastic and a natural mineral to make the most sustainable putter plastic possible! 🌎

 Our new "base" Inner Core offers more tack and grip for those looking to putt with Trash Panda.

Flight Numbers: 2 | 4 | -0.5 | 0

What are the weights and colors?
This entire run of our new recycled plastic is this beautiful off-white color and weighs between 170-174 grams.

Stamps: The Inner Core does not have a hot stamp but takes dye like a dream. (Unfortunately, hot-stamps are an extremely wasteful part of the disc manufacturing process, and effect the future recyclability of our discs as well.)

A Note About Recycled Plastic

Due to the nature of making a product out of trash, our discs may have minor cosmetic flaws and blemishes.

Trash Panda still maintains a high quality control standard, and can assure that any minor blemishes will not affect the flight of the Inner Core.

The recycled plastic we're currently using feels exactly like other premium plastic discs (if not better.

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