Streamline Discs is a company from the minds behind MVP Disc Sports. Disc golf is about advancing the disc, and with Streamline Discs we will advance the art of solo-mold discs.

Streamline is the Future of Classic.

Unique Solo-Mold Designs

Streamline model designs will be unique to Streamline and optimized for a solo-mold construction. The inherent physics of a solo-mold are different than a GYRO®-enhanced disc, and Streamline models are designed and built to be the best of their kind. Throwers who prefer this kind of disc will love them.

Fit & Finish

We’ve engineered the cleanest injection-molded disc you’ve ever seen, and the industry’s first 3-foil precision stamping. Smooth edges, no flashing, consistent dome across colors — these are the things disc golfers wish their solo-molds had, and Streamline delivers. These molds and processes are the product of years of research and development. Streamline is no startup disc maker — it’s backed by the most advanced molding and stamping facilities in disc golf.