Aidan Sanabria: Team Disc Revolution 2023

We are very happy to announce that Aidan Sanabria will continue to be a member of Team Disc Revolution for the 2023 disc golf season.  We are proud of Aidan’s growth as a player and team member this year.  Aidan played 32 tournaments in 2022 and pumped his PDGA rating 33 points, from 873 to 906.  Aidan also spent the second half of the year working on his mental game with fellow Disc Rev player and team “old guy” Tempe Krieger. 

We look forward seeing what this next year holds for Aidan.

Check out our 2023 update interview with Aidan below.


What are your highlights from the 2022 disc golf season?

I had many highlights in my 2022 disc golf season! I played 32 tournaments that year all throughout Colorado, and had some amazing highlights! In April, I participated in the Rocky Mountain Amateur Championships, which was my first A Tier event. I placed 7th out of 69 players in Intermediate, averaging well above my rating through 3 rounds! Immediately after this, I won 3 tournaments in a row! This is when I decided to make the move from Intermediate to Advanced, where I am today. In Advanced, I played 14 more tournaments in 2022 and came very close to a few more wins! I placed 4th at Clash at the Creek in September and 2nd at the J719AM at Rampart in October. At Rampart, I shot my 2 highest rated rounds ever back to back, but fell just short of the win in a playoff.


Last year you said one of your goals was to, “work on my mental game this season. I believe I can continue to improve my shots, but I can only execute those shots if I’m in the right state of mind”.  How did your mental game develop throughout the year?  What part of your game to you want to focus on developing in 2023?

My mental game improved tremendously in 2022, especially in the last 6 months. I’ve been taught that having a short memory is the best way to stay positive while playing a tournament. Whatever happened on the last hole doesn’t matter, and I can only control what I do going forward. In 2023, I want to focus on continuing the improvement of my mental game, as well as my putting. I put myself in amazing opportunities off the tee very consistently, but my putt leaves something to be desired. As the old golf adage goes, “Drive for show, putt for dough.”


What are your disc golf goals for 2023.  Both in your game and as part to Team Disc Revolution?

My main goal going into 2023 is to play a lot of tournaments. I believe that tournaments are extremely positive for me, as I play with friends and competitors that push me to be a better player and person as a whole. I would love to play in the NADGT Championships in November in Austin, as I got my invite at my first NADGT tournament this year! I want to be an integral part of Team Disc Revolution as much as possible, helping wherever I can at tournaments and events!


Are there any major changes to the molds and/or manufacturers in your bag for 2023?  Why?

Through most of 2022, my bag consisted of entirety Discmania. Some of my favorite molds included the DD3, Astronaut, FD3, CD1, MD3, Mutant, and Rainmaker. However, I started to realize that I had a few holes in my bag. Throwing exclusively forehand, I’ve always struggled with having a dead straight putter shot, which is very crucial on wooded courses. This is when I was turned onto the Kastaplast Berg by my close friend and teammate Tempe Krieger. Throwing the Berg gave me the shot I needed, and now much more Kastaplast has made it’s way into my bag. My favorites are the Lots, Falk, Guld, Jarn, and RekoX.


Is there anything else you would like to share with the disc golf community?

I am so excited for the 2023 disc golf season! I truly believe this will be a lifelong passion of mine, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me! Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way, I can’t wait to continue this fantastic journey with you!


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