Ky Kline: Team Disc Revolution 2023

We are delighted to announce that Ky Kline is representing Team Disc Revolution for a second year in 2023.  We originally met Ky at Disc Rev's first event as a vendor, Aviary Fools in Colorado Springs.  We had a great time talking to Ky about her love of the sport, running a small business, and her favorite brand Dynamic Discs.  Our friendship with Ky grew as we continued to see her at events all over Colorado.  Fast forward three years, now Ky is running multiple tournaments per year including Veterans and Womens events.  Ky also designs amazing hoodies and jerseys through her brand Kolorful Kylorado. She has designed four Disc Rev jerseys, our Vets jersey, our Vets hoodie, and the upcoming 2023 Aviary Fools hoodie, all of which receive constant compliments.  We look forward to watching Ky continue growing her events and her design brand this year.

Check out our interview with Ky below and learn a little more designer extraordinaire.

What would you like everyone in the disc golf community to know about you?

To me, disc golf is about challenging yourself, but only if you’re having fun doing it. I don’t believe in laugh-less rounds, and I think the most important thing we can do as disc golfers is showcase our sport to the greater community as one that can be competitively serious while simultaneously maintaining its recreational roots. It’s this very dichotomy that separates us from other athletes, and I believe it’s a culture worth encouraging. If you ever see me out on the course and I don’t have my whole card in stitches—well, you won’t ever see that.


How long have you been playing disc golf?  What brought you to the sport?

 I started playing disc golf in college in 2011, where my home course was in the deep woods of Southwest Virginia. I moved out to Colorado after graduating and played here and there, but really dove back into the sport again in 2020. Since then, I have competed in almost 30 tournaments, including NADGT National Championships in 2021 and play almost exclusively in the FA1 division.


What is your favorite type of shot to throw and why?

 My power throw is the rightie forehand ; it's the only way I knew how to throw for the first decade of playing, and I love how it still does me well for long bombs and tree carving, alike. I am starting to get rather fond of a well placed spike hyzer upshot, though.


What part of the game do you want to work on improving?

 My personal goal is to be able to touch pin on any shot under 100 ft, and that has been my main focus of this past year: precision golf on any shot, from any angle. I've also nearly caught up my max distance backhand to that of my forehand, but I'd love to be able to consistently outdrive my sidearm by triple digits, so backhand form is where I most want to improve.


Why did you decide to join Team Disc Revolution?

I was instantly drawn to Disc Revolution the first time I saw them at a tournament because of the people (alright, and also Lana). Not only did the shop always have the exact disc I was looking for, but there is no other disc golf retailer that puts out quite the same personality and welcoming energy. I also love that Casey and Sarah have taken on the challenge of turning their passion into a business, and I’m eager to partner with them to help bring disc golf and their company to revolution-ary new heights.


What are your goals as part of Team Disc Revolution?

My goals with disc golf, in general, are to expose it and make it accessible to as many people as possible. I want to engage a much larger portion of the community, with a particular emphasis on women, through social media, tournament direction, new course design and implementation, and partnering with local non-disc-golf businesses to build the hype about DiscRev and the sport as a whole. I don’t believe there exists a better opportunity to do these things at this level than by teaming with Disc Revolution. (I’m also hoping to help us earn the title of “premier jersey designers” and come to be the definition of what disc golf looks like.)  


What is your favorite disc? Favorite manufacturer? Favorite pro player?  Why?

 My go-to driver at altitude is the Lucid Vandal, particularly the Halloween-colored one that I picked up on my very first visit to Disc Rev; when I head down to sea level, I switch the Vandal out for the Escape as my go-to, and currently I am using Kona’s new Orbit Escape (which I also got from my good friends’ shop). Midrange has gotta be a Truth, and I bag it in three different plastics (wanna guess where I bought them all from?). Though I spent the majority of my disc golf days throwing Innova, I switched to Dynamic in Dec 2020 when I received a Warden as a Christmas present. The first time I held their plastic, I was hooked. I admire a lot of the pros, but I would have to name Raven Klein as my favorite; she puts out the most consistently hilarious disc golf footage there is, and if you don’t follow her on Instagram yet, you are sorely missing out.


What are your favorite hobbies outside of disc golf?

Outside of disc golf, I still stay pretty busy: I have a full time job with the Air Force doing space operations, a part time job as a 911 Dispatcher in Adams County, I play on a couple competitive softball teams, run my own small apparel business, recently became a coach with Olympic Disc Sports, and in my downtime, you can probably find me reading (these days studying for my master’s), writing, or playing guitar.

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